Parish Council

Parish Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting from communicant members to meet monthly with the rector to deal with all matters which affect the life of the parish. Their input to the functioning of the parish is essential for the operations to run smoothly.  Many members of Parish Council are long-time parishioners and can offer guidance as to how some practices have come to be and also why some practices were not found suitable. Two Wardens are elected at the AGM are automatically on Parish Council and often chair the meeting.

Pastoral Ministry

Clergy and volunteers maintain contact with parishioners who can no longer get to church on their own or who are housebound. They visit, send cards on special occasions, telephone and assist with monthly services at Northwood and every 2 months at the Berkeley on Gladstone St. Their friendly faces make the day brighter for the people who are part of the wider church family.


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Northwood and The Berkeley

Property Committee


The Property Committee looks after all things which relate to the physical well-being of St.Mark’s Church. One of the largest was having the pigeons removed from the bell tower.Smaller items such as thermostat replacement, repainting of the rector’s office and repairing the doors were also done. We are involved with the maintenance of St.Mark’s Community Centre next door. St. Mark’s is grateful to the HRM Fire Department who come twice a year to replace the overhead lights as part of their training exercises.

Finance Committee

St. Mark’s  Finance Committee meets regularly to prepare reports and recommendations to the Parish Council on all aspects of the church’s financial affairs. Among other duties it supervises parish investment, the work of the parish treasurer, the maintenance of the church’s charitable status, and it aids the treasurer to prepare an annual  budget for the church year.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee meets monthly, more often if needed, to help Fr. Morrell plan services and events with input from the congregation. Reports of the discussions held at meetings are passed on to Parish Council. Many of the suggestions brought to this committee have been acted on.

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