Lay Ministers

St. Mark's has an active layministry: Servers who lead the choir in for services and assist with the preparation of the vessels during Communion; Eucharistic Ministers who can administer the Chalice; Layreaders who make announcements, read lessons, assist during Communion and lead the Prayers of the People.  St. Mark's has a history of layministers going on to ordination. Below is a list of those who have gone on to become ordained – and one who served as a student minister at St. Mark's , served here as priest and later ascended to the Episcopate: our present Bishop Sue.


Every year at the Annual General Meeting, two wardens are elected from the congregation. They are the principal lay officers of the parish. Their tasks are: to discuss concerns of the parish with the Rector, to ensure all reports are made on time to the Diocesan Office and to oversee the actions of the Parish Council, among others.  Diplomacy and dedication are required to fulfill this role.

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