In the Anglican tradition, it is not only the clergy who lead the services. Lay readers, wardens, choir and servers all have their place. The ministry of food is well-known at St. Mark’s  and we are proud to continue this through receptions, our many events and our after-service coffee hours. At St. Mark’s, we are fortunate to have people to fill all these positions. It is in the spirit of collaboration that all these roles function smoothly and we work together.



Ministry of Hospitality


An important part of the Church’s ministry is to make the Sacraments available to the wider community.   Preparation for BAPTISM (of infants, children or adults), CONFIRMATION by the Bishop, HOLY MATRIMONY, FORGIVENESS, MINISTRY TO THE SICK, MINISTRY AFTER DEATH, and the HOLY COMMUNION or EUCHARIST is available by contacting Fr. Morrell by phone or email.

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